Eve teasing is one of the worst social-malady of present time. Like all other anarchy now it has shocked our whole nation. It is a greatest problem. It is such a kind of sextual harassment that hinders the blooming youth of the female. Recently a number of girls have been the victim of eve-teasing. Generally girls under eighteen years old are the victim of  it where the boys of the same age are the oftender of it. In a male dominated country like ours subconsciously, a number of boys think their more powerful than their girl counterparts. It is also their thinking that men are hunters while women are hunted. For having this kinds of misconcept these young minds are moulded into a fantasy and also acquire a kind of audacity too. That`s why mainly at the teenage-some inborn feelings and other exciting contents stirr the boys to enjoy the oppsite gender. In such time actually some of them can not control themselves or can hardly suppress their stirring. As a consequeness some of them become peverted and start to dishonour the maid. These peverted youth poke fun at a moving  gir
l. They also abuse them by slag remarks, obscene gestures, flying kiss and other some ways. Absolutely this kind of malpractice shrinks the conscience of the victim. As a result some of our prolific girls are compelled to choose suicide. Not only government effort can stop it but also social awarnees is necessary to remove this malady.

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