Write an application toThe Headmaster for setting up a common.

Hello,My Dear Learner's how are you?I hope you are well.Now I want to teach you about Write an application toThe Headmaster  for setting  up  a  common.

The Headmaste,
Naogaon K.D. Govt  High School,
Subject: Prayer for setting up a common room.
We the students of your school would like to inform you that there is no common room in our school.   A common room provides the students with an opportunity to pass leisure in a  happy   environment.  It is an integral part of any educational institution. The students can play indoor games and read newspapers during the leisure   here .As there is no common room in the school, students move and gossip here and there. It is odd looking makes chaos

We, therefore,  pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take necessary steps to set up a common room in the school and oblige thereby.

Yours truly,
Ripon kumar
Roll no:03.class X.
On behalf of all the students of  Naogaon K.D. Govt High School. 

Some Advantages of this post:
*You will able to write an application to the Headmaster.
*You can help those friend/people who faces this kind of problem.
*You can take good preparetion on application for exam.

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