Write an application to the principal for establishing an English language club

02th January, 2012
The principal
“X”   college.
Subject   :Prayer for establishing   an   English   language   club.
With  due  respect, we would  like  to draw   your  kind  attention  to  the fact  that  there  is  no language  club in  our college.  As    English   is   an international   means of communication,   we   need   to cope with   the modern.  You   know   that English language  club will  be  helpful  for speaking  with  others  in English  and  how  to pronounce  English  words.  So we   are requesting you to establish   an  English  language  club  immediately.
May   we therefore   May   we therefore   pray   and hope that   you would be kind enough to grant   our prayer   and   oblige   thereby.
We    remain,
Your    most   obediently
The students of “X’’ college.

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