How to write a Resume?

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Career Objective:

A highly motivated individual wishing to use analytical and organizational knowledge to pursue along time career in development organization to significantly contribute organizational development and bring personal fulfillment

Education Background:

Diploma in Engineering             
Technology                              : Computer Technology
Institute                                    : “N” Polytechnic Institute, Naogaon.
Board                                       : B.T.E.B.
Year of passing                         : 2010

Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C)
Group                                      : Science
Institute                                    : “G”i High School, Atrai.   
Board                                       : Rajshahi.
Year of passing                         : 2006

Personal details:
Full name                                  : R” Kumar.
Father’s name                           :"S” Chandro.
Mother’s name                          : “J” Rani.
Date of birth                              : 2nd  February, 1990.
Religion                                    : Hindu.
Nationality                                 : Bangladeshi (by birth).
Sex                                           : Male.
Marital Status                            : Unmarried.

Present address:

Vill- Parnaogaon, Post- Naogaon,
P.S- Naogaon, Dist- Naogaon.

Permanent address:
Vill- Parnaogaon, Post- Naogaon,
P.S- Naogaon, Dist- Naogaon.

Communication Skills
Can communicate both in Bengali and English.

Computer & IT Skills

Other Skills
Joined different cultural activities in different programs. 

Self assessment

Ready to take challenges to achieve goal.
Can take high level of responsibility.
Energetic, punctual, committed,
Self motivated and hard working.

Jobs Experiences:


·        Md. “A” Islam
Department Head of Computer Technology
“N”polytechnic Institute, Naogaon.
Mobile: 0181683215.

      Md. “L” Akmal
     Department Head of Environmental Technology
          “N” polytechnic Institute, Naogaon.
          Mobile: 0171256321


 Date: .../......../................                                                  (R KUMAR)


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