Importance of learning English

      Importance of learning English
English is an international language. Almost every nation of the world deepens on this language for national and international affairs. In country English is also used to a large extent. And the importance of English/learning English has become the thief concern for us. To achieve higher education in a renowned    University in home or abroad, we need to learn English/need English because all the books of university level are written in English. As a result people who want to receive higher education have no alternative to this language.
            Nowadays, the success in the competition for jobs mostly depends on the skill and knowledge of English. Those who can speak, write, and read English are given much priority. They are considered qualified and competent for the jobs. As a result the importance of English has become a prerequisite for a professional career both national and international level English is very necessary.  English is used for our official purpose in seminaries and symposiums. Then the correspondence or talks on different issues involving a foreign country are held in English. The bilateral relationship the deals for different socio-economic as well as political affairs between two countries are also conducted in English.

In  order to  understand  the modern scientific  and technogical  researches  and development ,it is necessary for us to learning  English .Without knowing English , we can not develop our develop our scientific and technoigicol knowledge. To know the culture and literature of the present world, we must have good command in English language. The  outstand literary works are either written or translated into this language. In fact, the learning of English has become a part and parcel of our education as well as our professional life. Nowadays, everybody is interested and eager to learn this language in order to build up a smooth 

Some advantages of this post:
*You will understand about  Importance of learning English .
*You can get clear knowledge,Why English is called an International language?
*English is very essential for our nation.

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